Be a Vero Hero

tracking station cleanup

Here are a few easy ways to help which will make a real difference:

  • Be a Vero Hero. Show us your support and we will update you with the businesses, restaurants and bars that support this campaign (contact us).
  • Say ‘No, thanks’ to plastic straws. Ask instead for a paper one, carry a reusable one*, or best of all, do not use any.
  • Have a Bag Plan. Be a bagger or a boxer by re-using your old bags or using a cardboard box.
  • Patronize shops that do not use plastic bags. Show them that they’ve made the right decision.
  • Re-educate businesses that are still using plastic by refusing plastic bags and reminding them that it is toxic to our environment.
  • Make retailers take notice. Spread awareness, for instance, by refusing single serving packaging and other disposable plastics.
  • Reduce your plastic bottle consumption. Use a refillable bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles.
tracking station cleanup

Reusable straws, bottles and shopping bags can be purchased from:

Sea Turtle Real Estate
Find us next to the Ocean Grill at 1006 Beachland Blvd, Vero Beach, FL 32963, seven days a week!

The Store by Royal Palm Society
2855 Ocean Drive Suite B4
Vero Beach, FL 32963
Phone: 772-266-2255