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If you run a shop, bar, restaurant, business or social space, we would love to have you on board.  There are lots of ways you can help reduce the amount of plastic locally.

Cut out plastic straws:

  • Provide a straw only when requested by a customer
  • Provide either a reusable or naturally compostable straw
  • Stop using straws completely

Stop giving out plastic bags:

  • Ask customers if they need a bag rather then offering them automatically
  • Check first whether customers have their own bag
  • Offer paper bags instead
  • Provide, or sell, reusable bags
  • Use Vero Goes Zero campaign bags

Reduce plastic in your supply chain:

  • Ask your suppliers to look at this website
  • Ask your suppliers if they can reduce the amount the plastic they use
Reduce Plastic manual
Reduce Plastic manual

Additionally, the Product Stewardship Institute has developed a Manual to help businesses reduce plastic usage that you can download free from here. With their simple strategies, you will reduce litter, safeguard the quality of food sources, and protect landscapes and wildlife – all while saving money and helping your business thrive.

Contact us today and tell us how you are reducing the use of toxic plastic in your business.

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